• Nne

I Did Not Pray For This

I did not ask for this

and if You ask me how I got here

I would not know how to tell You

I did not plan for this

It is one thing to have a fear and another to face it

It could have easily been You


Lifted Up

Made into Murals

Martyred for a Movement

At 28 years old

I realized my reality was too tightly tied to my morality

More so than my breath

Was getting quick

I saw the Crown Vic in my rearview before noticing the red and blue

I’ve reached for my phone already

I’m ready

I’ve read this headline before

At 28 years old

I’ve recounted this story more times than I can count

I’ve recited Our names

Like a prayer

Shantel Davis Mya Hall Kendra James

I did not know it was promised

Rekia Boyd Aiyanna Jones Tarika Wilson

I promised I would have him prosecuted

Kayla Moore Tanisha Anderson Shereese Francis

For doing all this for a failed signal

It is one thing to have a fear and another to face it

At 28 years old

On July 13, 2015

A state sanctioned slaying ruled suicide

You and I know this is not the first nor the last time they’ve whipped us then blamed us for bleeding

I joined the list of names you recite as a prayer before lay you head on pillow

I got my head laid up on inner city brick wall

You all keep saying my name

I’ve been laid to rest but never got to sleep

Activist turned art piece

I am now a political statement

Knowing me means You know it could have easily been You

Wonder if it is Promised

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