• Nne

Love Made This Stone Brown.

here, we are a jazz song.

we stand on blest land.

you tree trunk my roots.

you keep me on ground.

at times, i lose track.

you point out, i am.

it rained much last week.

it rained much last month. it rained much last year.

you’re near to point at

the sun, shines; i bloom

we grow; large and loud.

your leaves dance to us.

me and my flame flow.

our jazz song is grace.

drums beat deep brown blues.

sound seeps through floor boards.

“sorry,” says our jazz softly

bass booms bold and brave.

our jazz song says grace.

sound fills up our home.

Brown is a playlist comprised of songs in the color brown. It’s meant to make you feel warm and nostalgic.


©2017 by DRUMS!. Created by

Black Students for Revolution